SmartChamber Gauge with Hands Free Adapter

SmartChamber Gauge with Hands Free Adapter

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Gauge with Hands Free Adapter

Easy to Use on Any Surface Digital Caster/Camber Gauge

The SmartCamber Gaugecombines the digital Smart Tool module with a precision laser cut aluminum frame. Unlike subjective bubbles, lines or expensive electronics, Smart Camber provides highly accurate, repeatable camber and caster measurements in the home, shop or at the track.

Designed to maximize its measuring potential over a wide variety of wheel and tire combinations, the tool allows accurate measuring regardless of where the vehicle is or what surface the vehicle is on. With the push of a button it automatically compensates for non-level floors so it can be used at home, at the track... even on a trailer with complete confidence.

The Smart Tool digital display takes all of the guess work out of measuring.

Features and Uses:

  • Use on 5" to 22" diameter wheels

  • Removable digital modules makes it two tools in one. Use the module to measure: drive shaft angles, fabrication, fixture and body work, wing angles

  • Camber can be measured on non-flat surfaces (garage floors, parking lots, and even on a trailer

  • Requires no additional attachments to wheel or hub. Simply hold the tool against the wheel or use the Hands Free adapter to hold the tool on the wheel.

Combined with the SmartStrings 4 Wheel Toe Alignment System, you can perform a full four-wheel alignment and know for yourself that the numbers are correct and to your individual needs or liking.