Royal Purple - Purple Ice Super Coolant  12oz Bottle*

Royal Purple - Purple Ice Super Coolant 12oz Bottle*

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Royal Purple

Purple Ice Super Coolant 12oz Bottle*

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Royal Purple, ROY01600

Purple Ice® is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive for both gasoline and diesel engines. It is formulated to reduce the surface tension of the coolant, which improves heat transfer through the cooling system while providing additional protection against rust, corrosion and erosion.

Purple Ice® prevents the formation of scale deposits in the radiator for optimum coolant flow and lubricates the seals of the water pump. It is ideal for use in straight water racing applications or in antifreeze / water mixtures.

Purple Ice® is compatible with traditional ethylene glycol antifreeze (green) and GM Dex-Cool® antifreeze coolants.

Reduces Coolant Temperatures

Extensive testing confirms Purple Ice® reduces coolant temperatures better than comparable products while providing extra corrosion protection. For example, the average operating temperature of a 350 c.i.d. V8 engine (equipped with 160° thermostat) when dyno-tested with different coolants are:

A. Standard mix of water and glycol (antifreeze) - 228° F

B. 50 / 50 water / glycol mix with Purple Ice" added - 222° F

C. Straight water (no corrosion protection) - 220° F

D. Water with Purple Ice® added - 200° F

Royal Purple's Performance Advantages:

  • Reduces Coolant Tension
  • Reduces Coolant Temperatures
  • Protects Aluminum Cooling Systems
  • Lubricates Water Pump Seals
  • Provides Corrosion Resistance - Passes ASTM Corrosion Tests
  • Works in both Gasoline and Diesel Engines

Recommended Treat Rate

For use with antifreeze -- 1 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity

For straight water applications -- 1.5 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity

Note: Minimum of 20 percent antifreeze recommended in street driven vehicles.

Purple Ice® should not be used in new radiators until anti-freeze has been cycled through the system.