Oil Safe - Stumpy Spout Lid - Black

Oil Safe - Stumpy Spout Lid - Black

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Oil Safe
Stumpy Spout Lid - OIL SAFE - Black
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Oil Safe
Part Number: 100501

Oil Safe, 100501

This Oil Safe wide spout model is especially designed for applications where a high lubricant flow is desired.

•Spout has a 1" opening.

•Spout is approximately 4.75 inches.

•Match with a Stumpy Extension Hose to help with hard to reach fill points.

•Made of state of the art materials and of timeless design, the lid has an advanced sealing thread design that ensures a very secure fit on all genuine OIL SAFE Drums from 1.5 through to 10 liter/US quart.

•Spout made of heat-resistant materials

•Auto-shut off breather valve to avoid accidental spillage or contamination through breathers left open.

•Advanced thread & sealing design ensures secure fully sealing fit to all genuine OIL SAFE Drums

Oil Safe, 100501

•Push button air intake for quick pouring of lubricants.

•Robust handles and lid design makes handling easy.

•Quick-twist spout controls flow and keeps dirt out.


Oil Safe, 100501

Color: Black