Oil Safe - Stretch Spout Lid - Red

Oil Safe - Stretch Spout Lid - Red

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Oil Safe

Stretch Spout Lid - OIL SAFE - Red

Color: Red

Manufacturer: Oil Safe

Part Number: 100308

Oil Safe, 100308

Stretch Spout Lid is designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required, including hard-to-reach areas.

•With a .5" spout opening and longer spout, this lid is ideal for lower viscosity oils (Less than ISO 220).

•Add a Strech Spout Hose Extension to help with awkward or hard to reach fill points.

•Advanced thread & sealing design ensures secure fully sealing fit to all genuine OIL SAFE Drums

•Ultra durable construction. Will not warp, leak, bend or break

•Fits to any 1.5 , 2 , 3 , 5, or 10 liter/US quart drums

Oil Safe, 100308

•Prevent accidental spills with the quick close spout.

•Ideal for precise pouring.

•Long spout is perfect for hard to reach lube points.

•Large hook handle for ease of carrying and to provide the ability to hang containers where needed.

•For moderate lubricant flow applications

•Spout made of heat-resistant materials

•Auto-shut off breather valve to avoid accidental spillage or contamination through breathers left open


Oil Safe, 100308

Color: Red