Oil Safe - 5 Liter/US Quart Drum

Oil Safe - 5 Liter/US Quart Drum

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Oil Safe

5 Liter/US Quart Drum - OIL SAFE

Size: 5 Liter/ 5 US Quarts

Manufacturer: Oil Safe

Part Number: 101005

Oil Safe, 101005

This Oil Safe 5 Liter / 5 US Quart Drum is an excellent all-round size for a host of standard applications from engines and pumps to turbines and gearboxes.

•Fully interchangeable with Oil Safe lids these drums have a extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning.

•Measurements on drum start at .5 quart/liter and continue to 5 quarts/liters in .5 increments.

Note: FYI: There are 32 ounces per quart / 16 ounces per .5 quarts.

Oil Safe, 101005

•Extra wide mouth for easy pouring.

•Easy to grip handle for easy transporting.

•Semi-transparent with markings in US and metric.

Oil Safe, 101005

Size: 5 Litre/ 5 US Quarts