Novus Polish Kit

Novus Polish Kit

Novus Polish Kit includes Novus #1, #2, and #3 8oz. bottles with 2 Novus Polish Mates. 

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Polish Kit


Novus products add life to plastic and keeps it looking new.

Polish Kit includes:

Novus #1 - Plastic Clean & Shine

Resists finger marking

Contains no abrasive or harsh chemicals

Leaves a smooth, clean and grease-free shine

Novus #2 - Fine Scratch Remover

Removes the damage instead of filling it in

Buffs out quickly

After restoring seals with a coat of polish

Novus #3 - Heavy Scratch Remover

Requires use of Novus #2 for final finishing

Novus Polish Mates

2 Novus Premium Polish Mates, a micro-filament cloth perfect for polishing.

Highly absorbent, extra durable and abrasion resistant makes this washable cloth ideal solution.