Molecule Complete Care Kit - (Wash, Refresher, Protector, Spot)

Molecule Complete Care Kit - (Wash, Refresher, Protector, Spot)

Molecule Complete Care Kit offers 4 bottles for complete technical fabric cleaning

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Complete Care Kit - (Wash, Refresher, Protector, Spot)


Molecule Complete Care Kit includes one bottle of Molecule Suit Protector (16 oz.), Molecule Suit Refresher (16 oz), Molecule Suit Wash (16 oz.) and Molecule Wash (4 oz.).

This kit offers a unique cleansing of technical fabric for long race weekends and in between washings.

Molecule Suit Protector (16 oz.)

Specially engineered formula bonds to Nomex® fabric to help repel fuels, oils, grease and other flammable liquid stains.

Molecule Suit Refresher (16 oz)

Molecule Refresher keeps suits, helmets and other race gear fresh over long racing weekends and between washing.

Molecule Suit Wash (16 oz.)

Molecule Wash effectively cleans sports equipment including technical fabrics like Nomex® in standard washing machines. Removes containment that can grade fabric performance and odor causing bacteria.

Molecule Spot Cleaner (4 oz.).

Molecule Spot Cleaner penetrates deeply into technical fabrics and Nomex® to dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains that can create combustible hot spots.