Longacre Digital C/C Gauge w/ Acculevel™  and Quick Set™ Adapter

Longacre Digital C/C Gauge w/ Acculevel™ and Quick Set™ Adapter

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Digital C/C Gauge w/ Acculevel™ and Quick Set™ Adapter

Here's a super accurate digital caster / camber gauge that reads to .1º (1/10º) camber and to .1º caster as high as needed, and at a price any serious team can easily justify. It comes with our QuickSet™ adapter and a hard case. As an additional benefit the AccuLevel™ digital readout can be removed and used separately as a digital angle finder for suspension, spoiler angles, and many other things.


  • Digital Caster/Camber Gauge
  • AccuLevel™ Pro Model with back light can be easily removed and used for other angle measurements on the car. Can compensate for unlevel ground giving more accurate readings.
  • QuickSet™ adapter - Just hold it against the rim to make a measurement
  • Silver carrying case

QuickSet™ Adapter
This is the fastest way to check your front end alignment. Just hold it against the rim for easy, accurate readings. No spindle adapters required here. Billet aluminum fully CNC machined. Rigid for accurate readings. Three-leg design squares gauge to your wheel.

Works on most any race car, 12" to 17" wheel. 3 point design makes setting caster easier. Folds for easy storage.

Pointers on this model are designed for formed wheels. The tip goes inside the bead of the wheel and centers the gauge.

Digital Caster / Camber Gauge with AccuLevel™ version 5 and QuickSet™ Adapter PDF

Caster Camber Gauge
Housing Material: Billet Aluminum
Finish: Red anodized
Camber Increments: .1°
Positive Camber Adjustments: 0 to +90°
Negative Camber Adjustments: 0 to -90°
Caster Increments: .1°
Positive Caster Adjustments: 0 to +90°
Negative Caster Adjustments: 0 to -90°
Backlit Display: Yes
Bubble Level Included: Yes
Adapter Included: Yes
AccuLevel™ Removable: Yes
Case Included: Yes
Bolt Size: 5/16"-18
Style: Dunlop™ style
Wheel Range: 12" - 17"
Material: Billet Aluminum
Finish: Black anodized