Longacre - Deluxe Toe Plates (Set)

Longacre - Deluxe Toe Plates (Set)

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Deluxe Toe Plates (pair)

Longacre, 79505

•Thick Formed Aluminum

•Deeper bend & more rigid plates for the best accuracy

•Higher Kick Out on Bottom

•Holds plate flat against the wheel

•Great for cars with high LF camber

•Magnets & Pointers

•Magnets hold the tapes in place and pointers make reading the tapes easier

•Tapes are Included

•Tapes: Set includes 3/4" tapes with 1/32" increments

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Longacre, 79505

Deluxe Toe Plates

•Thicker material, deeper bends gives you more rigid plates for better accuracy

•Higher kick-out on bottom holds plate against the wheel better

•Magnets on one plate hold the tapes in place

•Pointer makes reading tapes easier

•Set includes two deluxe toe-in plates and two tire tapes

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Longacre, 79505

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