Longacre - 2 Car Clipboard Robic SC-606

Longacre - 2 Car Clipboard Robic SC-606

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2 Car Stopwatch Clipboard w/ Robic™ SC 606W

Longacre, 22321

2 Watch Clipboard

•Lightweight aluminum - won't break like plastic can

•Powder coat finish with edge protectors

•Rubber feet prevent sliding and protect car's finish

•Professional color lap charts included with practice times on back

2 Robic™ SC 606W watches

•Clocks every lap

•Counts laps to 999

•50 lap memory

Note: Clipboard designed to fit Robic™ "W" (wide) series watches.

Media & Downloads
Longacre, 22321

LA22321: Instructions.pdf

LA22321: CornerTiming.pdf

Longacre, 22321


Model: Robic™ SC-606W

Number Included: 2

Lap Count: 999

Lap Memory: 50

Backlight: No

Battery: CR2032


Material: Aluminum

Finish: Powdercoat

Size: 9" x 15"

Timing Sheets Included: 1 pack of 50 sheets