Goodridge Fireproof Sleeve

Goodridge Fireproof Sleeve

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Fireproof Sleeve


Silicone covered sleeve which acts as a fire retardant, an insulator and a chafe protector. Installed by inserting the hose into the sleeve prior to hose fitting assembly. The standard colour is silver, but also available in orange on request.
Operating temp: -54ºC (-65ºF) to 260ºC (500ºF)

Fireproof Sleeve
Sku Tube O.D Size to Be Covered Fits Hose Size
GR-FG900-04S 1/4 -03/-04
GR-FG900-06S 3/8 -04/-06
GR-FG900-08S 1/2 -06/-08
GR-FG900-10S 5/8 -08
GR-FG900-12S 3/4 -10/-12
GR-FG900-16S 1 -12/-16
GR-FG900-20S 1 1/4 -16