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SKU: CTEK40-339

Charges Lead-Acid and Lithium (12V LiFePO4) Batteries

Price: $73.99

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CTEK 20A OFF GRID Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-256

CTEK charging system charges your battery bank from several sources, prioritizes connections, and looks after the battery so it will not become completely flat.

Price: $604.63

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CTEK Pro Battery Tester

SKU: CTEK40-209

Complete with an integrated printer, it’s now easier than ever to determine and present the current state of a battery and electrical system with the CTEK PRO Battery Tester(Part #40-209).

Price: $956.99

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CTEK MXS 25EC Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-128

Designed for professional use, the MXS 25EC includes a wide range of battery charging and maintenance features, including an automatic diagnostic function that tests whether a battery is able to take and hold a charge.

Price: $428.99

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CTEK D250SA Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-186

With award-winning Swedish technology, the dual input D250SA (Part #40-186)  can draw its power from smart alternators and other DC sources, making it the ideal charger for vehicles that don’t have access to the main power supply.

Price: $448.79

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CTEK D250SE Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-315

The D250SE is a fully automatic, 5 step charger that supplies up to 20A of power to any 12V lead-acid or lithium* service battery from 40–300Ah.

Price: $443.99

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CTEK SMARTPASS 120 Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-185

SMARTPASS 120 (Part #40-185)  is a fully automatic 120A power management system that prioritizes, controls, and maximizes energy from your alternator to power your service battery. It safely separates your starter and service batteries automatically. 

Price: $514.79

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CTEK 140A OFF ROAD BUNDLE Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK40-257

CTEK has created the ultimate 12V power system for your vehicles by combining theCTEK D250SA Smart Chargerand aCTEK Smartpass 120 Complete Management Unit.

Price: $988.89

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CTEK SMARTPASS 120S Batter Charger

SKU: CTEK40-289

SMARTPASS 120S charges and supplies the service battery and equipment with 120A, separates critical equipment from non-critical equipment ensuring that radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always have power.

Price: $467.99

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CTEK Multi US 25000 Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK56-674

CTEK MULTI US 25000 is an 8-step, fully automatic primary switch mode battery charger. A powerful charger for 12V batteries that require rapid charging such as in garages, RVs, boats and, of course, cars. Unlike old traditional battery chargers, CTEK chargers are designed with a focus on simplicity, safety, and flexibility.

Price: $346.99

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CTEK Lithium US Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK56-926

The LITHIUM US (Part No. 56-926) is an advanced microprocessor controlled charger specially designed to recharge and maintain the cells of Lithium-Iron (LiFePO4) batteries - maximizing their performance and lifespan. With up to 4.3A of charge current available the LITHIUM US is extremely flexible and will charge LiFePO4 batteries from 5Ah to 60Ah and maintain up to 120Ah.

Price: $118.99

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CTEK MURS 7.0 Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK56-830

The CTEK MURS 7.0 (Part No. 56-830) is a charger that offers state of the art technology that was previously only found in CTEK’s 12V product range. The charger is perfect for your 16V racecar or audio application no matter what the weather, temperature, or conditions. The same quality and reliability you have trusted from CTEK for years is now available for your 12V/16V applications.

Price: $247.99

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CTEK Multi US 7002 Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK56-353

The MULTI US 7002 (Part No. 56-353) is the ideal battery charger for your camper, car, and boat. The battery charger is well suited for all-year use. Thanks to its SUPPLY mode the battery charger provides power even without a battery. The SUPPLY mode is indispensable when changing the battery as you avoid losing complicated program settings.

Price: $153.99

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CTEK MUS 4.3 Polar Battery Charger

SKU: CTEK56-958

The MUS 4.3 POLAR (Part No. 56-958) has been specially developed to offer excellent all-around charging with special cold weather performance and adapted AC and DC cables to handle severe cold down to -22°F (-30°C).

Price: $108.99

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CTEK MXS 5.0-12V

SKU: CTEK40-206

The MXS 5.0 (part# 40-206) offers a unique eight-step approach to battery care.

Price: $98.99