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Tilton Proportioning Valve Repair Kit

SKU: TIL90-1100

Valve Repair Kit is a repair kit for all Tilton brake proportioning valves.

Price: $19.29

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Tilton Flow Control Valves

SKU: TIL90-5000

Flow Control Valve reduces shock loads to the driveline lowering the chance of losing traction when downshifting and/or the chance of damaging driveline components

Price: $188.59

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Tilton Proportioning Valve: Screw-Type

SKU: TIL90-2000

Tilton Proportioning Valve: Screw-Type is a knurled adjustment knw for sure grip. Fine adjustment set at any point for max control.

Price: $105.89

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Tilton Proportioning Valve: Lever-Type

SKU: TIL90-1003

Tilton Proportioning Valve: Lever-Type is a seven notched pre-determinded pressure positions. Wide, and clearly labeled handle.

Price: $105.89