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Longacre - Angled Tire Chuck Only

SKU: LA50496

  • •"Bullet" or angled style chuck
  • •Can replace "Ball" chuck on Longacre gauges
  • •Swivel fitting
  • •For 1/4" hose

Price: $9.99

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Longancre Full Flow Air Chuck

SKU: LA50490

Special ball chuck for small tires. Full flow.

Price: $4.99

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QuaterMaster Clutch Alignment Shafts Spline

SKU: QM660090

GM 1 5/32” x 26 Spline, Steel

Price: $53.07

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Intercomp Sound Level Meter

SKU: INT-360015

  • Self-Calibrating
  • 0-130 db Range
  • Peak Hold
  • Operates on standard 9-volt battery

Price: $169.00

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Longacre QD Starter Button

SKU: LA45795

Clamps to starter or solenoid.

Price: $39.99

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Intercomp Tire Humidity Tester

SKU: INT-360036

Unit attaches to a tire via the valve core. As the air rushes past the humidity/temp sensor on the meter, a reading is shown on the digital display.

Price: $289.00

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Moroso Valve Seat Pressure Tester

SKU: MOR62390

  • Fits roller rockers on Small Block, Big Block, and 90° V6 Chevy; Ford 221-302, 351-400 SVO and Ford Windsor engines, and most other wedge-type engines

Price: $115.59

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Longacre - Engine Compression Tester 14mm

SKU: LA73025

Check for bent or leaking valves, bad ring seal, even leaking head gaskets

Price: $39.99

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Longacre - Leak Down Tester 14mm

SKU: LA73010

This easy-to-use tester checks ring seals, valves, even head gaskets. Don't wait too long to rebuild that expensive motor - but don't do it too soon either!

Price: $119.99

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Joes Racing Products Dual Shock Workstatio...

SKU: JOES-19250

Joes Racing Products Dual Shock Workstation Base

Price: $31.95

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Joes Racing Products Dual Shock Workstation

SKU: JOES-19200

JOES Dual Shock Workstation lets you hold on to your shock body and the shaft at the same time, making it a lot faster, easier and cleaner to work on your shocks. 

Price: $31.95

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Genesis Technologies Hydraulic Spring Perc...


The Hydraulic Spring Perch Wrench is made from Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum for added strength and protection from damaging the perch.

Price: $27.99

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Longacre - Billet Coil Over Wrench

SKU: LA22589

•Comfortable handle with rounded edges makes adjustments easy

Price: $44.99

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Coleman Wide 5 and Stubby 5x5 Spindle Nut ...

SKU: COL-850-001

Wide 5 and Stubby 5x5 Spindle Nut Socket

Price: $29.57

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Longacre - Billet Oil Filter Cutter

SKU: LA77750

•Cut your old filter open to spot problems before they cost you an engine

Price: $74.99

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Genesis Technologies Valve Core Repair Tool


Maintain your valve stems with the 4 way Valve Core Repair Tool. The repair tool removes valve cores, re-taps the internal threads, re-taps external threads and reams inside the valve housing.

Price: $6.15