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Longacre : LA53036

SKU: LA53036

Ultra flexible 14" line with angle chuck - ball chuck also included

Price: $49.99

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ATE TYPE 200 Brake Fluid (1 Liter)


This high performance Brake Fluid is ideal for coping with the extreme demands posed by motor racing, autocross, or high performance driving.

Price: $17.29

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AP Super 600 Brake Fluid - 16.9 oz Bottle

SKU: AP600

  • Typical’ New Dry Boiling Point in excess of - 594°F
  • Wet’ E.R. (Equilibrium Reflux) Boiling Point - 383°F
  • AP Racing Radi-CAL™ R2 Fluid has been developed for racing applications where higher than normal temperatures are being experienced, e.g. when using carbon/carbon discs and the ultimate in brake fluid performance is required.
  • It should be noted that before using R2 fluid, any existing brake fluid should be drained completely from the brake system.
  • The system should be thoroughly purged with new R2 brake fluid and can then be filled completely with R2fluid.

Price: $19.99

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AP : AP608 PRF


AP Racing - AP PRF 608 Racing Brake Fluid  -Replaces AP660 PRF - 16.9 oz Bottle

Price: $39.95

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AMB - Holders/Clips


Price: $7.99

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570 Brake Fluid - 12 oz Bottles

SKU: WW570

Wilwoods specially formulated Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570° F dry boiling point to withstand the severe heat requirements of automotive racing. Hi-Temp° 570's low viscosity allows easy bleeding of your brake system, eliminating aeration of the brake fluid caused by foaming due to excessive pumping of the pedal.

Price: $10.19