Pagid 8090 Brake Pad
Pagid 8090 Brake Pad

Pagid 8090 Brake Pad


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8090 Brake Pad
Manufacturer: Pagid


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Make Type
Alcon TA 4, CAR84 [4484]
AP Racing CP5045 D61
Brembo Big Red [type 132A family]

Related Shape No.

Shape No. Thickness
1842 18.0 mm
1908 24.0 mm

Pagid RS Compound

RS 14

Pagid RS 14 Best Practice::
RS 14, aka PAGID “Black”, is another of the cornerstone Pagid Racing pad compounds, and has seen years of success in GT cars, Touring cars for club racing and track days. Indeed, it remains a favorite in all of those venues to this day. RS 14 is an excellent all-around pad compound.

Pagid RS 14 Compound Description::
RS 14 features good all-around characteristics for many applications. It is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers.