Pagid 8071 Brake Pads
Pagid 8071 Brake Pads
Pagid 8071 Brake Pads

Pagid 8071 Brake Pads

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Pagid Brake Pad Set, Kelsey Hayes 1 3/4 Zoll caliper. Vintage Aston, Ferrari, Iso, Jaguar. 17mm RSH29E Compound; SO


Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
Aston Martin DB4 GT 60 - 63 X
Ferrari 212E Montagna 68 - X
Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB 59 - 62 X
Ferrari 250 GT/275 GT 60 - 66 X
Ferrari 500 Super 64 - 66 X
Ferrari Dino 206 SP 65 - X
Iso Grifo/Fidia/Rivolta 63 - 68 X
Jaguar Mk9/Mk10 3.8/4.2 58 - 66 X


Make Type
Kelsey Hayes 1 3/4 Zoll orig. Jaguar Parts Nr. VBO 5375

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Pagid RSH Compound


Pagid RSH 29E Best Practice:
RSH 29E is ideal for Historic GT and Touring Cars in endurance races. Due to its friction level you can also use it in sprint races as well.

Pagid RSH 29E Compound Description::
RSH 29E is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers with high heat resistance. It maintains a constant friction level over a wide range of temperatures. Its low wear rate and disc friendliness make this material appropriate for endurance races

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