Pagid 8009 Brake Pad
Pagid 8009 Brake Pad

Pagid 8009 Brake Pad

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8009 Brake Pad
Manufacturer: Pagid


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Make Type
Alcon P type [4436]

Related Shape No.

Shape No. Thickness
1203 17.5 mm
1916 24.0 mm

Pagid RS Compound

RS 42

Pagid RS 42 Best Practice::
RS 42, or Pagid “Blue”, is another of the “cornerstone” Pagid Racing compounds that is still finding favor after many years of service. It is currently best used as a classic rally pad and remains very popular in small formula and touring cars, especially as a rear axle compound.

Pagid RS 42 Compound Description::
RS 42 is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The characteristics make this material appropriate for small formula cars.