Pagid 4939 Brake Pad
Pagid 4939 Brake Pad

Pagid 4939 Brake Pad

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4939 Brake Pad
Manufacturer: Pagid


Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
Opel Astra J OPC 09 - X


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Pagid RS Compound

RS 44

Pagid RS 44 Best Practice::
RS 44 is a close relative of RS 42, and has a similar history of success. Known as RS4-4 or Pagid “Orange” in the past, it is a good rear axle pad for all front engine cars. Very popular club racing compound.

Pagid RS 44 Compound Description::
RS 44 works for formula cars all the way up to lighter passenger cars. It is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The smooth progression of friction from cold to hot makes this material easy to work with.

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