Pagid 2687 Brake Pad
Pagid 2687 Brake Pad

Pagid 2687 Brake Pad

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2687 Brake Pad
Manufacturer: Pagid


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Make Type
Brembo 07.7293. 6 piston [type 164 or B24 family]

Related Shape No.

Shape No. Thickness
2488 29.0 mm
8038 22.0 mm
8087 25.0 mm
8173 31.0 mm

Pagid RS Compound

RS 29

Pagid RS 29 Best Practice::
RS 29 is a legend in Endurance Racing, and has an unmatched history of success since its introduction as RS29. It remains very popular in club racing and track days. In addition, it is still found on GT, Touring cars, and Prototypes, and still enjoys a reputation as a great all-around friction material for endurance racing. Due to excellent modulation characteristics also often used in sprint races.

Pagid RS 29 Compound Description::
RS 29 features very good modulation and release characteristics. It is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The friction level of the material maintains constant at a low-medium level. Another advantage is the easy bedding in behavior.

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