Pagid 1267 Brake Pad
Pagid 1267 Brake Pad

Pagid 1267 Brake Pad

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1267 Brake Pad
Manufacturer: Pagid


Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
Caterham Stock AP up-grade 97 - X


Make Type
Alcon H type [4463] D40 / D44 / D48
AP Racing CP3228-26/27 S4
AP Racing CP2340 D40 / D48
AP Racing CP 2361

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Pagid RSL Compound

RSL 19

Pagid RSL 19 Best Practice::
Pagid RSL 19 is one of the cornerstone friction compounds for Pagid Racing and has decades of victories in the worlds legendary Endurance event as Pagid RS19 or known as Pagid “Yellow”. It has found current favor as a rear axle usage compound in GT4, GT3 and GTE / GTLM, in combination with RSL 1 and RSL 2 on the front axle. It remains a favorite pad for front axle usage for lighter GT and Touring cars.

Pagid RSL 19 Compound Description::
RSL 19 is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. It maintains a constant friction level across a broad range of temperatures. The material features very good modulation and release characteristic.

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