Longacre Computerscales® WIRELESS 10.0" Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell

Longacre Computerscales® WIRELESS 10.0" Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell


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WIRELESS 10.0" Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell

The Longacre Advantage

  • Tablet Included
    • 10" Android™ tablet with high resolution screen, case, screen protector and stylus included
  • Ready to Use Right Out of the Box
    • Secure wireless connection from the pads directly to the tablet. No extra boxes needed like some wireless systems. Convenient, no clutter.
  • FREE App Updates
    • When we add features to the app - you get them for FREE
    • You're no longer 'stuck' with only the features that came with the scales when you bought them - you can even upgrade your tablet in the future without having to buy a whole new system!
  • Customizable Display
    • Change the main screen display order to suit your preferences. Show only what you want to see, rotate or change the car icon, change the partial weight % resolution or weight units.
  • Alternate Background Skins
    • Standard Red
    • Industrial Black
    • High Contrast White - Easier to read in bright sunlight
  • Side-by-Side Note Taking / Named Memory
    • Note taking on the same screen as weights and percentages
    • Name your memory locations - title, date, track, etc. - Your choice
    • Keep a record of the changes made and the results - Notes are tied to the memory location
    • Add, edit or delete notes as needed - virtually unlimited space available
  • Save to File
    • Save all your stored weights and notes with the tap of a button - Easily email or connect to PC for download.

Download the latest Computerscales® XLi Tablet app to your Android OS device and try the features in DEMO mode. App is optimized for a 7" tablet and tested on a Samsung Tab A. This is the full app with all features enabled but operates in DEMO mode with no pads connected. DEMO mode simply puts sample weights on the corners.

Computerscales on a tablet

This is the future of chassis setups. This tablet has many times the capacity of any dedicated scale control box. This corner weight scale was designed from the ground up as a tablet based system, not an add-on to an existing model. The wireless signal goes directly from the pads to the tablet without any bulky re-transmitter boxes needed. You are no longer "stuck" with only the features that came with the scales when you bought them. When new features are added App updates are always Free. In the future we will have many more 'apps' for various setup functions too.

Tablet Included

The tablet included is an Android™ based model and can support other 'apps'. Computerscales XLi app is pre-installed and the entire system is ready to use. (Tablet brand / model may vary.)

Control Box
Model: Wireless Tablet XLi™
Memory: 50 setups
Tablet Included: 10" tablet
Tablet OS: Android
Tablet Accessories Included: Case, stylus, screen protector
Storage Case Included: Yes
Tablet Warranty: 1-Year limited warranty
Size: 15" x 15" x 2 1/2"
Capacity: 1500 lb per pad
Batteries: 3 AA per pad
Finish: CNC Machined
Load cells per pad: 1
Built-in Handles: Yes
Storage Case Included: No
Pads Warranty: 2-Year limited warranty

Computerscales® XLi™ Tablet Instructions PDF

Computerscales® WIRELESS 10" Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell Videos