ZeD scale system - zero-deflection scale pads

ZeD scale padsZeD is MK Technologies new zero-deflection scale pad, the most accurate scale pad on the market.For years MK Technologies top of the...

ZeD scale pads

ZeD is MK Technologies new zero-deflection scale pad, the most accurate scale pad on the market.

For years MK Technologies top of the line custom scale platform, the MKT5000 has utilized the phenomenal performance and accuracy of custom built zero-deflection scale pads. With the introduction of the ZeD, that same phenomenal performance and accuracy is available as a stand-alone scale pad.

ZeD scale pads are designed to fit into the scale pockets of existing platforms and are technologically advanced replacements for standard less accurate scale pads.

The ZeD scale pad comes in a standard size: 15' x 15" x 2.5 or it can be custom built to your specs. Maximum load on a standard pad is 1000 lbs. We can build higher capacity pads as an option.

One of the great features of the ZeD is flawless repeatability of measurements regardless of where the tire is positioned on the pad. With conventional scale pads, repeatable results can only be obtained if the vehicle is rolled onto exactly the same spot on the scale pad every time. From the centre of the pad to the very outer edge the ZeD delivers perfect measurements every time.

So just how accurate is the ZeD? With no vertical deflection, the four internal load cells in each pad guarantee a repeatable accuracy of 0.1 lb anywhere on the pad surface.

Why do you need the incredible accuracy of the ZeD? Because in racing the finest of details can make the difference between winning and losing. The Penske Motorsports ALMS team knows how to win races, and Penske relies on MK Technologies ZeD scale pads to help put their Porsche RS Spyders on top of the podium.

Please specify wheel base, track width and scale pad height.

Please call for additional accessories and replacement parts.

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