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Coolshirt Kart Bag System

SKU: CST-2001-0009

Powered by a 7.4V lithium ion battery, the kart bag is used as a self contained portable cooling system for the racer that has limited room to work with

Price: $321.00

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Coolshirt Comfort Cooler Waist Pack

SKU: CST-2001-0006

MobileCool WP1 keeps you consistently cool and safe especially in a hot environment. Lightweight and portable system. Take to the track, hiking, construction sites, or other hot environments 

Price: $660.00

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Coolshirt Backpack Cooler

SKU: CST-2001-0005

The Backpack Cooler System keeps workers consistently cool and safe, especially in a hot environment. Portability to continue normal work functions without being tied down to a power outlet

Price: $704.00

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Coolshirt Club System Bag System

SKU: CST-2001-0003

Developed for use in all types of racing, the Coolshirt Portable Bag System provides a driver cooling alternative for race cars that have limited space with no room for the standard hard coolers. Note: Hose not included

Price: $325.00

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Coolshirt Round System

SKU: CST-2002-0007

Portable and a track favorite of weekend warriors, Porsche owners, Spec Miata and others who want quality cooling from a compact unit. The threaded lid makes it easy to fill and drain while virtually eliminating spills

Price: $248.00

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Coolshirt Rally System

SKU: CST-3002-0004

The compact Coolshirt Rally 19 Qt System provides the advantage of system for those racing applications that have limited space or shorter race duration's. Perfect for road racing, circle track, drags and many other racing types. A favorite among SCCA and PCA drivers. Note Shirts not included.

Price: $735.00