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K&N Air Filters

SKU: K&N-E-1650

K&N air filters can go 50,000 miles before cleaning is required, depending on driving conditions. East to install and designed to fit right into air box. 

Price: $64.99

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K&N X-Stream Air Filters

SKU: K&N-66-0901

Cleanable and reusable, the XStream® Air Flow Top filter delivers the best protection available for your engine. 

Price: $66.99

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K&N Universal Rubber Filter

SKU: K&N-RE-0870

K&N Universal Rubber Filter are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications, like racing and RC cars, generators, and much more. 

Price: $53.99

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K&N Clamp-On Breathers

SKU: K&N-62-1513

K&N Clamp-On Breathers / Differential / Fuel Cell are excellent for racing application, vintage cars or individual who want to add some aesthetics to their classic carburetor engine. Offered in multiple sizes

Price: $24.99

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K&N Push-In Breathers

SKU: K&N-62-1516

K&N Push-In Breathers air filters are constructed with non-woven synthetic filter media so it can be cleaned and reused repeatedly. 

Price: $25.99

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Valvoline Paper Filter Elements - 14 x 4


Valvoline Paper Filter Elements - 14 x 4 is a racing paper filter element that provides maximum flow.

Price: $11.99

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K&N Crank Base Breathers

SKU: K&N-62-1090

K&N Crank Base Breathers : 62-1090 / 62-1100 / 62-1110 crankcase vent filter has a chrome-plated steel base and top with a mounting stud.

Price: $24.99