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Featured Products for the Month of July
Davies Craig, EWP Adapter 90 Degree Elbow for 80 Liter & 110 Liter; Alt. PN DC-EWP8309
EWP110 Water Pump Kit
Davies Craig, EWP 130 SHORT 24V
Davis Craig Electric Booster Pump; Alt. PN DC-EBP9001
Davis Craig Fan Kit-Mech. Thermal Switch W/ Relay
EWP115 Alloy Kit; Alt. PN DC-EWP8040
Fan Kit 9" 12V; Alt. PN DC-SL9-FK
Davis Craig Fan Kit 14" 12V; Alt. PN DC-SL14-FK
Davis Craig Fan Kit 10" 12V; Alt. PN DC-SL10-FK
O-Ring for Adapter 90Deg. Elbow & Adapter Straight
DAVIES CRAIG EWP Adapter Straight for 80 Liter & 110 Liter; Alt. PN DC-EWP8307
Davis Craig Water Pump EWP80 - 80L Electric Water Pump ; Alt. PN DC-EWP8005
Davies Craig, EWP 130 SHORT 12V
Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit
Fan Kit-Mech. Thermal Switch Kit
Davis Craig EWP115 & Digital Controller Combo Pack; Alt. PN DC-EWP8030
Davies Craig, Fan Kit 8" 12V; Alt. PN DC-SL8-FK
Fan Kit 12V; Alt. PN DC-SL12-FK
Davies Craig EWP115 Water Pump (Kit) 12V; Alt. PN DC-EWP8025

Davies Craig Water Pumps and Cooling System Products

Davies Craig, Products, Water Pumps, Cooling Systems


Water pumps, Cooling System, Davies Craig Products

Davies Craig

Water Pumps and Cooling System Products

 Davies Craig, Water Pumps, Cooling System Products, radiator, air conditioning, electric pumps, booster pumps, davies pumps, electric switches, fan parts and accessories, ewp water pump, electric pumps for water

The answer is simple - innovation.

How did a small Australian company grow to become the world leaders in its field?

Davies Craig Water Pumps, Electric PumpsThe ability to create new solutions to problems, and a commitment to technology, service and quality, has made DAVIES CRAIG one of Australia's most successful exporters, providing high airflow automotive cooling fans & electric water pumps to markets around the world.

Fanning the Winds of Change

In 1971, belt-driven fans were the only option for automotive cooling. Searching for a more efficient method, Australian engineers Daryl Davies and Bill Craig created the Thermatic Fan. DAVIES CRAIG was formed to manufacture the new electric fans, and has since developed a comprehensive range, covering most makes of vehicles. A DAVIES CRAIG innovation, electric cooling has now become a standard feature on most of the world's new cars.