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Featured Products for the Month of December
CoolShirt, Blower 235 CFM, SEE ATT4000
Long Sleeve FireWear Cool Water Shirt
CoolShirt Blower 135 cfm; Blower Hose End Fitting 4in ID X 1 1/2in ID
CoolShirt Blower 135 cfm; Air Hose 1 1/2in ID X 8ft, Black
Cool Shirt, Comfort Cooler Waist Pack
CoolShirt Blower 135 cfm; Hose End Fitting 1 1/2in ID-Cooler
Cool Shirt, Fresh Air Blower System, Complete
Cool Shirt Back Pack Cooler
CoolShirt Blower  Filter Housing  4in ID  x  3in ID
COOL-A-CLAVA helmet cooling. Uses 1/4" fittings
Cool Shirt, Round System   10 qt
CoolShirt Temperature Control Switch
CoolShirt Female Bulk Head Fitting
Cool Shirt, Pro Air & Water System 12qt
CoolShirt Club System  19 qt***SOLD WITHOUT HOSE***
CoolShirt Systems, 2Cool Water Shirt, Color: Black
Cool Shirt, Pro Air Water 12 Cooling Unit Only
Cool Shirt, 12’ Controller Hose
White Hooded Cotton Cool Water Shirt
Cool Shirt, Porta Cool Can
Cool Shirt Connector: Male Large    5/16
Cool Shirt Aqua Vest Active
CoolShirt Mounting Tray 24 w/strap
Cool Shirt Connector: Female Large   5/16
Cool Shirt 2Cool Water Shirt FR

COOLSHIRT Systems & Shirts

Helps racers perform at their best

• Improving reaction time
• Reducing errors
• Keeping drivers cool and comfortable
• Reducing dehydration
• Helping maintain a safe core body temperature


Perform Better, Safer, Longer in hot environments

All shirts have patented non-kink tubing for consistent and continual cooling.

No special care is necessary with CoolShirt™ Systems garments.

 •Machine wash
 •Hang dry

CoolShirt Systems are Innovators 
Using temperature-controlled water, COOLSHIRT™ Systems provide unsurpassed cooling in compact, leak-proof cooling units.


Your split-second decisions require clear thinking. All of your car’s safety equipment is there to help you if you crash, COOLSHIRT™ can help you PREVENT a crash.

While other drivers are fading, COOLSHIRT™ keeps you energized & mentally alert, giving you the competitive edge for those final laps.

With 20 years experience in the medical field COOL SHIRT™ designs their products for racers with one thing in mind: personal safety. Keeping your body cool in a hot racecar improves your performance and helps you win.

Racers are Athletes and racing IS a vigorous exercise.

Independent testing has proven that wearing a temperature-controlled COOLSHIRT™ during exercise reduces heat stress, weight loss, dehydration and helps maintain a safe body temperature.

Link: See the Independent Study