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Hoerr Racing Products, Videos

Hoerr Racing Products

Informative & Technical Videos

Product Groups

Air Jacks

• Special Video - Air Jack dropping racecars

Hoerr Racing Products, Canton Videos


• Mini Cooper Power Steering & Coolant Tank Replacement Installation Video 

Hoerr Racing Products, Canton Videos


• CTEK Dessert Adventure

• 5 Reasons Why Air Suspension is a Good Idea

• 7 Steps to Build a Successful SEMA Show Car

• How LTMW Became the Go-to-Builder

• How to Build the Perfect 4x4 - Icon 4x4

• What Takes to Build Showcars for OEs

• MUS 4.3 Test & Charge

• MUS 3300

• UC 800

• Jay Leno Talks About CTEK Battery Chargers

• CTEK & Jarudds Bil at ELMIA 2015

• CTEK & Ruffriders at Clash of Nations

• 2015 CTEK Winter Adventure

• World RX Supercar vs. Snowmobile Drag Race

• CTEK Battery Chargers at the PRI Show

• CTEK Skillbase MXS 25EC


• CTEK - The Smartest Battery Chargers in the World

• CTEK - MXS 5.0 Test & Charge

• CTEK - Youth Engine Building Team

• CTEK - Battery Analyzer

• CTEK - Chicago Auto Show NBC Feb 2013

• CTEK - 8-Stegsladdning

• CTEK - 8-Step Charging

• CTEK - 8-Stufiger Ladevorgang

• CTEK - New Generation Chargers

• Voice of Your Battery: CTEK Comfort Indicator

• Put a CTEK Battery Charger in Your Corner

• Don't Be Scared of the Red & Black Cables Ever Again!

• Avoid Getting Stranded!

• Be There for What's Most Important!

• You Just Won the Lottery!

• One Easy Way to Save the Planet!

• Monitor and Maintain Battery Performance

• CTEK is Multi-Purpose

• Sophisticated 8-Step Process

• Reliable and Nearly Indestrucible

• Safe, Simple, and Easy to Use

• High-Quality Engineering

Hoerr Racing Products, DEI Videos


• Installing DEI Glass Fiber Wraps 

Hoerr Racing Products, Hans Videos


• Nico Rosberg Explains HANS 

Hoerr Racing Products, Longacre Videos


• Accurately Changing a Spring with a Bump Stop Spring Rater

• Accutech SMi Gauges by Longacre

• Computerscales XLi Tablet Features Overview

• Computerscales XLi Tablet - What's in the Box?

• Determining Bump Stop Wheel Load Rating

• How to Use a Digital Caster Camber Gauge - Longacre 78290

• Longacre 72715 Tablet Scales - Custimizing the Display Percentages

• Longacre Overview

• Longacre Tire Durometer

• Seting Toe with Longacre Deluxe Toe Plates 79505

• Tire Durometer - Longacre Tech 

Hoerr Racing Products, Motive Products Videos

Motive Products

• Do it yourself brake bleeding - Motive Products

• Demo of the Motive Products Powerfill

Hoerr Racing Products, Pro-Werks Videos


• Pro-Werks Fill Caps

Hoerr Racing Products, Pulstar Videos


• Al Unser Jr. Pulstar Interview at the 2014 Sema Show

• Introducing Pulstar Spark Plugs

• Pulstar at Pole Position Raceway

• Pulstar Teaser

• Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Autolite XP Iridium

• Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Denso Iridium

• Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Leading Brand's Premium Iridium Spark Plug

• Pulstar Spark Plug vs. NGK Iridium IX

• Pulstar Spark Plug vs. NGK Laser Iridium

• Two-Time Indy 500 Winner Al Unser Jr. Joins Pulstar Spark Plugs as Performance Expert

Hoerr Racing Products, Longacre Videos


• Creating a Tilton Carbon Clutch 

Hoerr Racing Products, Longacre Videos


• Bleeding a Wilwood Aluminum Tandem Master Cylinder

Wilwood - Install Videos

• 1939 Ford Deluxe Wilwood D-154 Caliper Install

• '48 Cadilac Install

• '55 Mercury Install

• Aston Martin Install

• Bleeding a Wilwood Aluminium Tandem Master Cylinder

• Brake Bleed

• Camaro Z28 Wilwood Front & Rear Brake Install

• Chevy 1500 Wilwood Front & rear Brake Install

• Civic DPHA Caliper Install

• Drag Brake Kit

• Fiat 500 Disc Brake Install

• Focus ST Brake Install

• Ford F150 Front Install

• Ford Fiesta Wilwood Brake Install

• Ford Mustang Boss 429 Front Brake Install

• Formula D 240 SX Wilwood Dual Caliper Install

• GTI Front Kit Brake Install

• Hyundai Genesis Coupe Brake Install

• Impala Front Brake Install

• Jeep JK Install

• Miata MX5 Install

• Moss Muscle Willwood Brake Install

• Mustang GT Install

• Nissan 240 SX Disc Brake Install

• Nissan 350Z Wilwood Disc Brake Install

• Nissan 370Z Wilwood Front Brake Install

• Packard Disc Brake Install

• Pontiac G8/GTO Install

• Toyota FRS Front Kit Install

• Z06 Install