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Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing makes Standard and Pro-Line tire warmers for all types of 4 wheel racing. Sprint cars to Indy cars, Chicken Hawk builds tire warmers to custom fit your tires.

The heating element is designed to heat up slowly (full temp in 12 minutes and fully "heat-soaked" tire in 40 minutes) and provide an even heat to whole warmer. Nomex keeps the heat in!! Neon Operating Light shows when energized and when full-temperature is reached.

Tire Warmer Advantages:
  • Warmers let you go FAST when the flag drops
  • Eliminate cold tire crashes
  • Tire life is increased when tires are warm prior to racing
  • Set your Hot Tire Pressure in the pits
  • Save "heat-cycles" by not letting tires cool between uses
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Upon the purchase of a set of CHR tire warmers, take them to the track and try them. Should you believe there is a better product on the market or that the tire warmers do not live up to your expectations simply return them for a 100% refund. In 12 years, no one has ever asked.

Order Form Required for All Orders
All tire warmers and side insulation discs are custom built to customers specifications, see attached order form pdf to print order form - Fax# 309-691-8796

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