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Koyo Racing Aluminum Radiators

Koyo K-Sport Lightweight High Performance Aluminum Radiators

Direct OEM Replacement Radiators Off the Shelf for Maximum Engine Performance

Koyo Radiators provide 20% to 30% more cooling than standard radiators to handle high revving, high performance engines. Koyo Radiators are perfect for Turbo Charged, Super Charged and Nitros Oxide equipped engines.

Radiators to Fit Today's Most Popular Import Performance Cars

Koyo Racing Radiator Features:

  • Koyo Mirror Finish - All aluminum surfaces are buffed before boxing to a confident mirror finish.

  • 53mm 2RW Aluminum Core - 2 1/16" core thickness provides extra cooling surface area for the high performance tuner.

  • OEM Specification Mounting - All Koyo Radiators cores and tanks are specifically designed and built for each application. Fan mounts are situated to OE specs, allowing both stock and performance fans to be used. No universal fit parts are used. This ensures proper fit, just like your original equipment!

  • Hand-crafted Heli-arc Welding - Made from aircraft quality aluminum, all aluminum connections heli-arc welded for highest in the industry strength.

  • Nocolok Brazing - Tubes, Fins, Headers and Brackets are brazed in a state-of-the-art Nocolok Furnace, bonding all components into an indestructible radiator.

  • Tube and Fin Alignment - Construction under strict quality control and solid boxing result in pristine tube and fin alignment, fresh from the factory.
Koyo Radiator is on the cutting edge of technology and design with Japan's largest automobile manufacture.
Koyo Radiators are Fully Polished to a MIRROR FINISH!

NOTE: Koyo offers a lower cost copper/aluminum line of radiators (part #'s beginning with KOY-S) as noted in the price listing.