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Quarter Master Driveline Products

Quarter Master Racing Driveline Products

QUARTER MASTER provides winning clutches & driveline components to racers from Super Speedway to the Bullring...from IRL to Rally...from NASCAR to the "Weekend Warrior"!

QUARTER MASTER began operations in 1972, and since that date, QUARTER MASTER products have enjoyed a long history of track-proven race-winning results. That long-standing enjoyment has come from a "race-team like effort" with attention to detail, and from listening and responding to the racer. QUARTER MASTER products are built to exceed the racer's demand and need for reliability, high performance & durability. Our passion & our commitment is to the racer's goal & Winning!

QUARTER MASTER products are designed from the knowledge and experience of racers utilizing state-of-the-art engineering software, such as AutoCAD, 3D modeling and FEA. In addition, our products are CNC-manufactured by an experienced staff to the toughest quality standards to outlast and outrun the competition.
Whether it's on the straightaway or in-and-out of the turns, QUARTER MASTER products are designed to give the racer the winning edge!