Adel Wiggins Loop Clamps & Fluid Couplings


Adel Wiggins was formed in 1993 from the consolidation of the Adel Fasteners and Wiggins Connectors division acquired from IMO. Founded in 1938 and 1925 respectively, both Adel Fasteners and Wiggins Connectors have had a long history in the aerospace industry and enjoy strong brand name recognition.

The company's technical expertise, responsiveness, and ability to move quickly through the prototype and certification process have established it as a leader in its market.

Adel Wiggins designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of high-quality, custom designed products...

Primarily aerospace-related fluid line components such as;
Flexible connectors
Quick disconnects
Heaters and hoses
Refueling systems

Adel Wiggins designs its products specifically to meet the engineering requirements of its customers.

Focusing on aspects such as reduced or low profile geometry, broad range of high-temperature service, ease of installation where possible, and utilization of advanced materials to maximize the strength-to-weight ratios of its components.

Adel Wiggins focuses on factors that are critical to both OEMs and airlines given their emphasis on reducing both acquisition and operating costs...AdelWiggins products are designed to ensure efficient, reliable assembly, which reduces installation and maintenance costs for for the OEMs and airlines.
Adel Wiggins products have a reputation for long service lives and extremely high reliability in stressful operating environments. These characteristics serve to differentiate AdelWiggins' products and have contributed to the company's market leadership.

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