Race Prep 45 Amp Alt. IG Metric 12:00

Race Proven - Race Prep 45 Amp Alt. IG Metric 12:00, This unit is the most compact and lighest one available on the market of racing alternators. Sku: RP-ND50-IG12M, P/n: ND50-IG12M

Race Proven - Race Prep 45 Amp Alt. IG Metric  12:00, This unit is the most compact and lighest one available on the market of racing alternators. Sku: RP-ND50-IG12M, P/n: ND50-IG12M

Race Proven

Race Prep 45 Amp Alt. IG Metric 12:00

Manufacturer: Race Proven

Part Number: ND50-IG12M

Race Proven, ND50-IG12M

This unit is the most compact and lighest one available on the market of racing alternators.

•Specifically designed for Professional Motorsports use.

•ND50 and ND75 Series are assembled using special fasteners and materials making it capable of withstanding high rpms and harmonic vibrations produced by the racing environment.

•The rotor is balanced and units are tested at full load at 17000 rpms.

•All units are built under an ISO 9000-2001 quality system.

Race Proven, ND50-IG12M

•Heavy Duty Self Excited Regulator - Perfected on the NASCAR CIRCUIT. This Race Proven exclusive regulator senses the magnetic field generated by initial start up rotor rotation, eliminating the necessity of an ignition wire. The only cable attached to the alternator is the battery wire thus eliminating potential wiring harness problems.

•Internal Varistor - The Varistor protects the alternator against “spikes” or “reverse voltage”. On special-order, ignition-activated regulators, the Varistor is attached to the rear cover of the unit.

•Press Fit Diodes - Race Proven's exclusive rectifier design is manufactured using high-amp-rated, press fit style diodes seated in a heavy gage copper (not aluminum) heat sink. This enables the diode rectifier bridge assembly to function efficiently and reliably at high operating temperatures and loads.

•Deep Groove Single Row Bearings - Race Proven uses Premium Quality single-groove, high-speed rated bearings. Race Proven bearings are designed to function continually up to 17,000 RPMs.

•High Accuracy Rotor Balance - Rotors are micro-balanced in order to protect and extend bearing life. Properly balanced rotors extend the longevity of all electronic components and mechanical connections in the alternator by minimizing destructive vibrations originating with in the alternator.

•Internal Cooling Fans - Two welded, steel-cooling fans located on each side of the rotor contribute to a reliable airflow through the alternator. The front fan pulls cooling air into the front of the alternator. The rear fan continues the flow by pushing the air through the rectifier bridge and regulator areas. This dual fan system contributes to a thermally stable alternator under high output conditions.

•OEM Aluminum Casting - There are no available aftermarket housings that compare to the original DENSO Housings. Aftermarket housings may have unacceptable density, materials, and incorrect machining. Race Proven uses only OEM castings.

•Anti-vibration Hardware - The regulator, brush pack, rectifier bridge thru-bolts and the battery post/output cable connections are assembled using NORDLOCK anti-vibration/oil resistant fasteners. In the racing environment, all components are subject to severe vibration. Alternators must cope with thermal cycling, in addition to vibration, as they heat and cool. The vibration and thermal cycling combined can cause both internal and external fasteners to loose their factory set torque settings. NORDLOCK fasteners prevent this. Race Proven alternators DO NOT COME APART.

•Sealed Brush Pack - The brush pack is completely sealed preventing any debris or contaminants from damaging the brushes or the rotor slip ring. The sealed brush pack also allows Race Proven alternators to be used in marine racing applications where alternators must be “spark protected.”

•Stainless Steel Hardware - The alternators are assembled with stainless steel, high-quality hardware to ensure the unit’s endurance to environment and effects of corrosion created by high temperature and humidity changes.

•Custom Stators - The stator, along with the rotor, are what determine the current output of the alternator. Race Proven stators are custom designed for your specific racing application. One feature of Race Proven stators is the use of NOMEX® as an insulating material. Other, lesser quality insulating materials, may melt or burn at temperatures produced by high output stators.

•Custom Machined Pulleys - You tell us your racing application, expected sustained RPM range, and your pulley set-up and Race Proven can recommend and supply the appropriate alternator pulley.

•ISO Quality System - All Race Proven alternators are assembled under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, an internationally recognized Quality standard. This allows you, the customer, to assume that your RACE PROVEN alternator has been assembled and tested in a consistent and monitored manner. This system upholds the overall high quality and contributes to the outstanding reliability of our professional grade alternators.

Race Proven, ND50-IG12M

Power Hot (220F): 45 Amps @ 6500 Alt. RPM.

Regulator Style: Ignition-Lamp Regulator

Battery Post Position: 12:00

Battery Post Thread: M6 x 1.00

Bolt Mount Sizes: M10 Thrubore Pivot & 8-1.25 Threaded Ear.

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Race Proven, ND50-IG12M

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