Krytox 217GPL Extreme Pressure Grease .5KG Tub

DuPont ? Krytox® GPL Extreme Pressure Grease Extreme Pressure (EP) DuPont? Krytox® heavy-duty greases are used for high loading or ...

DuPont ™ Krytox®
GPL Extreme Pressure Grease

Spec Sheet 

Extreme Pressure (EP)

DuPont™ Krytox® heavy-duty greases are used for high loading or slow speeds. EP greases have high load-carrying capability and good lubrication characteristics under boundary and mixed friction conditions. In addition to the EP additive in Krytox® heavyduty greases, Krytox® oil provides adequate EP protection as an oil by itself, due to the viscosity build under load and its unique tribo-chemistry. A common test for analyzing EP performance is the Timken EP method, ASTM D2509. The test is performed by applying pressure between a rotating steel cup and a steel block and simulates line contact conditions. Two conditions are observed; the OK Load is the highest load at which no seizing or welding occurs, and it also reflects the load-carrying capability of the lubricant. The Score Load is the lowest load at which seizing or welding is observed. The scar width, which is the average scar width at the load corresponding to the OK load valve, is also recorded. The Timken EP results for various Krytox® greases can be seen in Table 1, Timken EP Method.

Grease Composition

Standard Krytox® grease is formed by blending PFPE base oil with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder with the following chemical structure: F F | | – (C — C)n – | | F F Using a fluorinated thickener gives the grease a similar temperature and chemical stability as the base oil, allowing it to be used also in harsh, demanding conditions. The point of adding thickener is to hold the oil near the contact point. The thickener provides a barrier to keep the oil from flowing away from the contact point, allowing for adequate long-term lubrication without the need of a complicated oil recirculation system. The CAS Registry Number for PTFE is 9002-84-0.

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