Davies Craig, Fan Switch Kit, senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator, No need to cut hoses! Part Number: 0444, Sku: DC-0444

Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps

Davies Craig, Digital Thermatic
Fan Switch Kit

Davies Craig, DC-0444 

Davies Craig designed Digital Thermatic Fan Switch Kit can be used with Davies Craig Thermatic Fans, EWP's and competitors Fans.

It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator with the sensor placed in the radiator fin section so no need to cut hoses.  

Davies Craig, DC-0444

•An adjustable temperature range of 40ºC to 110ºC (104ºF to 230ºF) and can show Centigrade or Fahrenheit. 

•The switch is operated thermally & also when the air conditioning is in operation.

•Simply set the temperature by pressing the set button. 

•It can run 1 or two fans.

•The second fan (if applicable) will start 10 seconds after Fan #1 runs. 

•To convert temperature reading from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, remove the Jumper Pin on the unit next to the LED screen.

Kit Contents
Davies Craig, DC-0444

Part Number: 10444
Units: 1

Part Number: 10211
Decription: MOUNT KIT
Units: 1

Part Number: 0513
Decription: SCOTCH LOCK
Units: 1

Part Number: 0574
Units: 1

Part Number: 0613
Decription: SELF TAP SCREW
Units: 2 

Part Number: 0512A
Units: 1

Davies Craig, DC-0444

•Max voltage: 15V
•Max current: 50A
•Relay setup: Dual relay
•Speed: Single speed - 10 sec. delay to start up the second fan
•Applications: Suitable for single and dual fan applications
•Temperature Display: LED digital temp display – actual temp + set temp
•Temp Display: Centigrade+ Fahrenheit
•Temp settings: 40°c to 110°c  (104°F to 230°F)
•Temp setting: Push Button
•Circuit type: Pre-programmed micro controller
•Output wires: Batt + Batt - IGN, AC Clutch, Fan #1, Fan #2 Thermistor Probe
•Dimensions: 95x65x56 mm

Downloads & Media
Davies Craig, DC-0444
Instruction Sheet

*Note: If using this switch for use with Davies Craig EWP's, it will not vary the speed of the pump in response to engine temperature but rather turn the pump on and off at your set temperature. For EWP control, Davies Craig recommends part number 8020 which can manage both the EWP and your Thermatic Fans.

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